eBanking Internet Banking Service, Peace of Mind around the clock!

The fast, and easy eBanking Internet Banking service is accessible through our website www.blomfrance.com

Upon submitting your username, password and a One-Time-Password, you will be granted free access your accounts.

Apply for the eBanking service and perform your own transactions online:
    eBanking service is the key to online services for you to explore and enjoy. Just by getting connected, eBanking will grant you online, real-time access to your accounts and transactions, along with other features that are constantly expanded:
  • Check your accounts’ summary and transactions
  • View pending transactions on your accounts
  • Download your account summary and list of transactions into a file that you can import into Excel, financial applications and text based editors
  • Check the reserved amounts on your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts (including foreign exchange transactions)
  • Conduct secure outgoing money transfers to preset beneficiaries inside or outside BLOM.
  • Send us your feedback and comments
  • Apply for Letter of Guarantees
  • Open and follow up your Letter of Credit
Benefit from all of these features with no charges whatsoever
Highly secured access:

And because we constantly strive to always bring you Peace of Mind, we have made all possible arrangements to turn the eBanking delivery channel into a highly secure medium where you can perform your banking operations in a climate of trust, privacy and confidentiality. To reinforce this climate of trust, we have adopted a highly sophisticated two-factor authentication platform featuring One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) that enhance the security of the eBanking Internet Banking service.

Applications for the eBanking service are available in all BLOM BANK France branches. For more information, please contact our Customer Services.

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