PSD2 – Open banking

Open banking is defined as the sharing and leveraging of customer-permissioned data by banks with third party developers and firms to build applications and services, including for example those that provide real-time payments, greater financial transparency options for account holders, marketing and cross-selling opportunities.

Under the PSD2(Payment Services Directives II) requirements we developed an API (Application Programming Interface) – BlomFrance API to facilitate the interface with all payment service providers (TPP- Third Party Provider). Each TPP could enroll in our application and test the APIs.

The platform ensures banks the possibility of extending their services portofolio in the PSD2 context.

PSD2 framework implies the interaction between TPP (AISP- account information service provider,PISP-payment information service provider,PIISP-payment instrument information service provider) entities and banks.


BlomFrance API interface was implemented under European standard developed by the Berlin Group - NextGenPSD2 to meet the requirements of EU Directive 2366/2015 - PSD2.


PSD2 Account Information

PSD2 Payment Initiation

Under PSD2 an 'Account Information Service' is an online service which provides information on user’s accounts, their balances and transactions, according PSD2 regulations

Under PSD2, a 'Payment Initiation Service' is an online service which accesses a user's payment account to initiate a payment with the user's consent and authentication, according PSD2 regulations



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Internet Banking and Open Banking Indicators

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