31 Mar 2020


Dear client

We trust that you and your families are well and safe in this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic.
BLOM Bank FRANCE has committed to follow the ever changing directives of the international health organizations as well as the national guidance of the UAE authorities.


Accordingly in an effort to mitigate spread of virus risk, and insure the best of our services at all times, we have arranged for 50% of staff to attend to the work place and alternate with the other 50% on a weekly basis. If you are unable to reach your account executive, or usual contact at the bank, then please ask the telephone operator to connect you to the officer in duty who will be pleased to serve you.


Additionally ,in an endeavor to safeguard our clients safety, we reiterate the safety directives to avoid as much as possible physical contact and implement social distancing. As such we highly advise you that your visits to the bank be brief and exclusively for cash withdrawals. All other transactions, requirements and discussions may be attained on-line: by email, by fax and over the phone if duly signed up and confirmed according to our prevailing internal procédures.


As always, fraudsters will exploit times of trouble and uncertainty and we strongly recommend that you practice utmost vigilance and care in the disclosure of personal or financial information.


We are confident that the world will recover from this pandemic and in the meantime we hope you take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Sincerely yours,



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