Coronavirus updates

03 Dec 2020

Coronavirus updates


Dear Customers,


The UK COVID19 Lockdown was lifted today with reported drop in growth rate (R) below 1 (meaning on average every 10 infected will not infect more than 10 people). From today non-essential shops and businesses have reopened including department stores, hotels, restaurants, gyms, hairdressers, and pubs…  The Government announced that restrictions based on the regional Tier system is back in place (Tier 1 being medium alert; Tier 2 high alert; Tier 3 very high alert).


London will be in TIER 2 and this implies amongst other things restaurants and bars to close at 11:00pm; no socialising with anyone you do not live with in any indoor setting (unless in a support bubble), and  socialising outdoors to be restricted to 6 people. The rules for socialising will be temporarily amended from 23 to 27 December whereby indoor house socialising may take place from three different households.


The rule for self-isolation on arrival to the UK will be changed as of 15 December to become 7 days instead of 10, unless of course someone develops COVID19 symptoms.


Our Bank has resumed normal working hours and our doors will be open to the public from 9:30am to 3:30pm.


To end on a positive note the Health Secretary announced today that the British medical regulator has approved the Pfizer jab which will become available within few days to people by a certain priority order.


Wishing you as always safety and good health.


Yours sincerely

Amr Turk

BLOM Bank France, London



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